So, it’s been a while…

We’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks/month and there are a few things that contributed to that;

First and foremost, Will was abducted by aliens…and they had only one thing on their mind…”inspecting” the problem Will had with his “exit only” backdoor. Safe to say Will has returned and his backdoor has reopened as both an entrance as well as the usual exit. 

Nathan was forced into working away for 4 weeks building a chamber which ironically could’ve been used as part of arranging Will’s abduction…but it wasn’t…honestly…

So that’s why we’ve been away for a bit


And with new and returning shows we’ve got plenty of content coming your way!!


We’d like to introduce you to our new music news show called New Music News Show (which is new). Here we’ll be talking about the newest music news be it about artists, instruments, lawsuits or even Girls’ Generation…


Yes we’re bringing back the show where we share what we’re currently listening to and some of our favourite songs of all time! We each pick 5 songs for a 10 track playlist which is updated weekly on both Spotify and Apple Music! 

We will also be live streaming all of this content (including our usual podcast) so be sure to find us on YouNow, Twitch, YouTube and Periscope on Monday at 8pm GMT.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye out for special videos and as always follow us on the socials of the media for updates and random tweets!

Will and Nate.

A Rocket Complex Has RETURNED!!

It’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY we can release our latest music video; our cover of Mark Morrison’s


Keeping this song a secret was ridiculously hard as we had recorded it a few years back, so releasing it into the open world has been a very special moment for us. 

We couldn’t be any prouder with what we have released. The song challenged us to create something fresh and exciting, and the music video saw us strip things back from our previous video (You Are Here). We wanted a “big” music video feel because we knew that’s what the song deserved. But at the same time wanted to keep it in the studio - and what we produced is quite possibly our best video yet (if we do say so ourselves). 

With that being said, we hope you enjoy our cover as much as we enjoyed creating it. Oh and don’t worry - our next music video won’t take another 3 years to be released! 

Will and Nate.

Our Battle Plan for 2017

The video says it all! But here is a breakdown of our production schedule. We will try to get out one video a week, HOWEVER; quality content take a while, and our methods are to always put out things we are proud of more than dipped of not very good stuff. So each week we will be working on stuff and updating here and on social media... but don't expect the bigger projects we work on to come out once a week xD

On top of this our schedule is flexible, so if life things need to happen, or if we are ramping up production of new EP, music video, gigging live ETC then we will do that as we can. Just check social media to see how we are doing! 

Here's our schedule! 
- Monday: Video Day (Ideas, Scripting, Shooting, Posting) 
- Tuesday: Twitch/Younow Stream (8pm-10pm GMT) 
- Wednesday: Band Practice/Music Writing
- Thursday: Twitch/Younow Stream (8pm-10pm GMT)
- Friday: Video Day (Ideas, Scripting, Shooting, Posting) 
- Saturday: Band Practice/Music Writing

Lets look back a year from now and see how much we've achieved! Our Objectives This Year!:

- Gig live several times full band
- Release another cover music video (coming very soon in fact!)
- Another Original music video from the A Wayward Constant EP
- Write the next EP (Title already decided) 

Lets do this! 
Love from Will and Nate