Bribe?... No...

Hey! Will here :3

So a few days ago on twitter (on the ARC account) I said that if you shared the music video for Hello From Last Year, we would buy you a bag of Haribo. Well after a few days of R and R, I've come back home and I was super serious about that! 

As you can see from the picture below, I already have got a supply to give away; That offer still stands! So if you want to take me up on that, here's how it'll work: 

- Share our music video on any social media site
  (Easy Link here:
- Take a screenshot of it and email it to along with your name and address
- I will post you two bags of haribo and will hand write you a note thanking you for your support! 

Don't worry, we promise not to mail you anything annoying or keep your details ya de ya da, We are just three idiots who like to play music, make videos, and do something nice for our peeps! Also We haven't done anything funny to the sweets, I think I still have the receipt to prove I bought them from the store. 

ALSO IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SHARED THE TRACK, you can get this too! Just do all that above stuff, doesn't matter if you already have shared! :) 

Peace out and get a sharing!
Love from Will, Nate, and Connor

PS. We'll be doing this until the end of June! So share the video before then :) Any time after... NO CANDY FOR YOU!