Wanna meet us at Summer In the City? And other SiTC News...

Hey peeps, 

So, some of you guys want to meet us at Summer In The City. That's really freakin' cool. We are completely and totally humbled by that! Thank you. So what's the best way to make that work? 

Well we aren't massive superstars just yet, so if you just want to meet us one on one, Nathan and I will be walking around the event and busking outside/inside the Excel Centre during the day. Tweet at us two and if we are free we will come say hi, or tell you a time where we will be free. Connor will be working all 3 days of the event on the Open Mic stage, so if you as desperate to see him you can find him there. Though do keep in mind he will be working. His focus will be else where...

Provisionally for now, we are planning a meet up for all 3 of us and everyone who is a fan of ARC on Saturday the 15th of August at 6:30pm. We will be meeting by the stairs of the Excel Centre for all the ARC family to come together. And If you are up for it, we are planning on filming a intro to Podcast 20, or maybe even a whole podcast! Depends on how much time we have. So if you wanna be in that come down!

Anyway Gramps, Smell ya later!
<3 Will, Nate and Connor