Our store is now open!

We are very happy to announce that our merch store is now open! Click the link at the top of the page or Here! It is being run by my brother Charlie and his fiancée Lauren. They will be all our products in the store by hand to order! This means it can take a few days to get to you, but the quality will be a LOT better! If you like what you see, both of them produce lovely pop culture merchandise, so have at look at their stores to find out more. 


Currently, we have stickers available to purchase, ranging from the album artwork (the size of a CD case) to long versions of our logo, to bundles of everything, including small size versions of the artwork that come free in the bundle! Prices for the stickers start at £1. But more products will be posted over time. And really don't worry. We promise that we will not beat you over the head with this. If you wanna buy stuff, awesome. If not, cool :) With things being made to order we don't have to push shit on to you guys don't want! No pressure.

With Love,

Will, Connor, Nathan and Charlie and Lauren!