Connor Leaves ARC

Unfortunately today we have to announce that Connor has left ARC. This is really abrupt and unexpected news for us, but Connor has cited that there were personal differences which have meant that he could not continue on with us as a 3 piece. We are emotional to see him go and wish him well in all his future endeavours. 

Connor has also made the decision at this time to take himself off social media for the foreseeable future, so unfortunately his accounts are now closed… 

So… where does this leave ARC?

Well, for the foreseeable future we will continue on as a 2 piece. We ask that you are patient with us over the next few months. Being a man down, we need to find our feet production wise as a two piece again. Luckily we’ve got experience as just that! We are still planning to produce the music and content you love, but it might take a bit longer than usual to be able to get it all out. The EP is still coming, and that will be our priority for the next little while. 

As for SiTC, we still plan on being there and having a meet up with you all. We are still planning on busking and playing the Open Mic stage so come see if you have time! The best way to follow what we are doing there is to follow us on twitter! Which to be honest if you are here you probably already do right? Just make sure you look there in case stuff changes.

Love to you all
-Will and Nathan