It's 2016 already?!

First off we'd like to wish everyone a bleated Happy New Year! It's been a rather long time since we updated the website, that and updated you on ourselves! Well we're still very much alive and kicking, we've just been extremely busy in the studio preparing for our upcoming EP. There isn't a confirmed release date yet as there are still a few songs left to record, but fear not as it WILL be released very very soon. So keep up to date with us on all the socials of the media to find out all the latest details regarding us and this thing we call A Rocket Complex.  

As for us individually - Will is pretty much living the life of a married man; wakes up, drives to work, returns home to his other half, cooks dinner, sorts through the bills, goes to bed, rinse and repeat. Nathan is living the life of a crazy cat lady. Not much else can be said about that. It's just true. C'est la vie.

 Thank you for all your support, we hope you look forward to the upcoming EP, we'll try our best not to make it suck. 

All the best,

Will and Nate :)