Is that the smell of success?! Or just Will's breath?!

Can you smell that? That's the smell of Will's vocals being finished off for the EP!! And you know what that means...well apart from Will having bad breath, THE EP IS BEING MIXED AS WE SPEAK!! 

Now I know you're all (hopefully) desperate to hear what we've recorded over the course of 2016, cause let's face it - we've taken our sweet ass time with this EP! But we want to release it when we both agree that it's of the standard you deserve. Luckily we have a phenomenal producer going to town on it so that shouldn't be a problem! 

So when can you hear these new songs? Well, in all honesty, we're not too sure. We have a plan as to when things will be released but that's something we can't talk about because we want to shock everyone from out of nowhere! Like, BOOM here's a music video! Or, BOOM here's an hour and a half documentary about how Will and I's paths on the music road came together and formed A Rocket Complex! Ok so that part isn't happening but you get my point!

Long story short - The EP is coming, it's not far away, definitely a summer release...just please bare with us over these next few weeks while we shoot a music video and get everything prepared for our comeback!! (dance routine included).

Much love as always,

Will and Nate

PS. Let's face it, you all know Will wasn't a part of writing this - there'd be way more K-Pop references...