'RETURN OF THE MACK' Press Release


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A Rocket Complex have returned with their brand new cover of 90’s R&B classic - Return of the Mack, originally by Mark Morrison. The Duo have taken the conventions of the song and thrown in their own elements that create a cover which not only keeps the simplicity of the original, but sounds unmistakably like an A Rocket Complex song.

Opening with Will’s hard hitting guitars the song is then launched with the impact of Nathan’s version of the iconic drum beat alongside a striking organ. This fired up intro leads right into a familiar sound with a laid back grove for the verse; the added bass returning the listener to a real R&B feel. As for the chorus, the band do what they do best - high octane vocals and instrumentation push it to another level - the world famous chorus being presented in a way that is easily identified yet unique enough to be classified as unheard of. The bands creativity shines with the addition of a breakdown that incorporates heavy double bass and cymbal work with a scorching solo that tears through the multiple layers of guitar, bass and keys. This is where the song becomes the most “ARC”, almost completely annihilating the original sound of Morrison’s masterpiece.

The music video is a stripped back ARC classic - just the two guys playing music in their studio; exactly how the song was composed and recorded. No fancy lights, no smoke and mirrors, just pure passionate playing as they feed off each others energy. Despite being a simple video, the style makes the music spring to life with a super 8 filmic look, a perfect combination for the “throwback” feel.

To sum up - A Rocket Complex’s latest release is sure to leave that nostalgic taste in your mouth, but with a flavour that you’ve never tasted before. 

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